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A quick summary of Office 365 Enterprise 2017/2018 - Canada

1) Replaces Microsoft Exchange e-mail and calendar with 2018 Exchange Online - Hosted in the Microsoft Cloud, accessed via Microsoft Outlook 2016 (desktop, mobile app or online). Also includes the popular Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) for internal employee chat, web meetings, video meetings, and collaboration. Can also replace Lotus Notes email and Groupwise email with Microsoft Cloud-based Exchange Online.

2) Office 365 replaces your network drives with secure cloud-based file storage - Namely the stable, safe and secure Microsoft OneDrive for Business with (1,000 Gigabytes of storage / user and additional storage available).  Its version control and roll-back functions are available out of the box, instantly backing up all of your files and folders in a secure CANADIAN Microsoft datacentre.  Office 365 Enterprise also includes SharePoint Online, opening the door for internal portals, workflow, and document management.

3) Depending on licensing includes perpetual updates of Office 365, Microsoft Office 2016, on your Desktop and Dedicated Mobile Apps for PC, Mac, tablets and mobile.  If you choose, there are Office 365 licenses that are e-mail only and exclude Office 2016, and thus you can keep your current Office 2007, Office 2010, or Office 2013 desktop licenses.  Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM can also be included within your bundle at a discounted price.

4) Office 365 Business Plus and Enterprise Editions include a number of advanced e-mail security, Anti Spam, file security and enterprise control mechanisms to secure, synchronize, manage or remove users while keeping corporate data safe and secure. Don't under estimate the importance of Enterprise Cyber Security and control to mitigate business risks.     


        Why upgrade to Office 365 this quarter

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Office 365 Productivity consulting Toronto

Productivity – Enhancing the Productivity of your Employees 

  • Office 365 in the cloud supports Microsoft Office desktop (PC and Mac) applications both online and offline as well as including Office 2016 online, Office 2016 for Tablets and Office 2016 for Smartphones. Allowing your employees to work on any device, anywhere at any time on corporate and or employee owned devices (BYOD – Bring your own device).
  • An increasing number of applications are dropping support for Office 2003, 2007 and 2010.  Upgrading to Office 365 will give you a perpetual update to the latest Microsoft Office licenses including Office 2016.  For example, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 will no longer support Office 2010 and earlier.
  • Mobile access and zero-downtime is a big promise and Microsoft lives up to it with a financially backed SLA, ensuring that employees can access their e-mail, documents and collaboration tools whenever and wherever they need. Zero downtime also includes automated product and security updates that happen in the background without the need for downtime and IT support.
  • Enhanced user experience with the latest in Microsoft Office 2016 for desktop and mobile, with new and improved templates, formatting tools, and co-authoring capabilities to support team collaboration.
  • Very tight integration of Office 365 email and calendar with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales teams.
  • Cloud-file storage with Microsoft OneDrive for Business, powered by SharePoint Online is a key component of Office365, bringing secure cloud-based file storage to every employee. Moving documents to the cloud, allows employees to gain full access to the documents they need while away from their desk on any tablet, smartphone or computer with an Internet connection.
  • Employee productivity is further enhanced with the many built-in collaboration capabilities within Office 365 Skype for Business including internal chat, screen sharing, video chat, web meetings, along with cloud-based document storage, access and sharing via desktop, tablet and smartphones.

Office 365 Collaboration Consulting Toronto

Collaboration – Connecting your employees and supporting teamwork

  • Now hosted in Microsoft Canada's secure data centres, there's no longer the risk of storing you data in the USA.
  • Co-authoring documents, presentations and spreadsheets is accomplished with ease whether your employees are using the Office 2016 desktop applications, web applications, Office 2016 for tablets or Office 2016 for Smartphones. Each user can see live, real-time co-authoring and edits within their Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Using Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) to allow employees to quickly collaborate via online chat using Skype for Business on their desktop, tablet or smartphone. Such easy access allows employees to see each other’s availability and the quick typing of questions and answers, sharing of screens and documents, and online video chats to support an embedded and immersed collaborative sense of teamwork.  We use Skype internally and love it.
  • Sharing and providing quick access to each of your team’s Microsoft Outlook calendars via Office 365 makes it easy to view and schedule meetings using your desktop, tablet or smartphone. And don’t forget the support for BYOD, (Bring your Own Device) allowing employees, if they so choose, to quickly check their colleagues calendars using their personal smartphones or tablets from anywhere, at any time. Each employee can download apps for free and connect to their Office 365 user login.
  • Connecting employees and breaking down silos is a great way to foster the creation of cross-functional teams. Using Yammer, which comes with Office 365, employees can access an internal corporate directory, similar to an internal Facebook® where each employee can have individual profiles, contact information, and areas of expertise to help employees to find the right people at the right time.
  • Collaboration tools within Office 365 can also be setup to support safe and secure collaboration with external suppliers, vendors and customers using Yammer for online chat communications or using OneDrive for Business powered by SharePoint online to securely share documents with external stakeholders.

Office 365 financial benefit Toronto 

Financial Benefit - A Business Case for Change

  • There is an ROI of about 50% when comparing like for like given the Enterprise-grade software, features and functions.  If comparing to only e-mail and Office desktop, the costs are basically a wash, but with the added productivity and collaboration benefits including Secure email (with 50GB mailbox per user), Microsoft Exchange, Security software, Desktop Office 2016, Cloud file Storage software, Skype collaboration tools and support. (See Pricing)
  • Moving to Office 365 changes a capital expenditure with unpredictable support costs to a per-user subscription with predictable monthly or quarterly fees.
    Additional cost savings with per-user seats that supports up to 5 devices per person, thus supporting multiple locations/devices such as at the: office, home office, remote location, tablet and smartphone. With Office 365 you don’t need to purchase separate licenses for each device.
  • Typically hardware, software and support related to enterprise-grade e-mail is a major cost within IT budgets. With Office 365, these costs are essentially eliminated with the secure cloud-hosting by Microsoft. Note: Microsoft’s CANADA datacenters used for Office 365 are among the best in the World and are trusted by governments, banks and global enterprises. Two new data centres opened in Canada the summer of 2016. Azure Toronto and Azure Quebec City.
  • Reduced financial risks due to downtime, document loss, lost productivity, security breaches and potential penalties dues to non-compliance with information security and privacy standards.
  • Eliminate escalating support costs for again systems such as Lotus Notes Domino and Groupwise by moving your email and calendar to Microsoft Exchange Online within Office 365 hosted in the Canada cloud.
  • Office 365 includes a number of enterprise-grade security components (anti-spam, anti-virus, mobile wipe, encryption, secure collaboration, document storage, password enforcement, etc.), that when purchased individually can become quite expensive.
  • Flexible purchase options with Office 365 Enterprise 1, Enterprise 2 and Enterprise 3 (E1, E2 & E3). With E1, E2 and E3 users with the same organization can be upgraded or downgraded at anytime to ensure an efficient use of licenses. E1 includes e-mail and online productivity tools but specifically excludes the desktop Microsoft Office 2016. E1 is a good financial choice can work for users who already have Microsoft Office
  • Office 365 is highly scalable, into the tens of thousands of users without the need for significant changes in configuration. Whether you are running 5, 20, 50 or 200 users, in terms of scalability there are no financial impediments to supporting your company’s growth.

Office 365 Security Consulting Toronto

Safety & Security – Protecting your assets and reducing IT support cost

  • Looking to reduce your IT costs? Have IT staff turn over?  Looking to set a succession plan for your IT staff?  Office 365 and the cloud may be a good option for you. Failing Microsoft Exchange Server? e-mail Crashing? Cyber Security concerns? Talk to Endeavour 365.
  • Invoke corporate policies and security standards to maintain data privacy and security compliance with global standards such as ISO27001, HIPAA , CASL, BAA, and FISMA. Note: Microsoft’s global datacenters used for Office365 are amoung the best in the World and are trusted by governments, large banks, and global enterprises. Gain an additional peace of mind with a financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee from Microsoft and their continuous data backup within their globally-distributed data centers. Two new Microsoft Office 365 Canadian datacentres for in Toronto and Quebec City opened in Spring 2016 and allow for CANADA-only hosting by Microsoft for Dynamics CRM Online, SharePoint Online and Office 365.  The new Dynamics 365 ERP (Madeira / Midera / Mydera / Medyra ) will also be hosted in Canada for Candian business and enterprise users.
  • Maintain always-on productivity by removing unnecessary distractions caused by SPAM, malware and viruses. Working across all devices, Office 365 helps to avoid 98%+ of all inbound spam with continuously updated anti-spam protection and protects against 100% of known viruses with built-in anti-virus and anti-malware.
  • Mobile security is enhanced with built-in access to leading ‘remote data wipe’ and ‘data encryption’ functions for mobile tablets and smartphones. For lost or compromised devices, Office 365 can restrict access, remotely change passwords and prevent data breaches to Office 365 e-mails, calendars and shared files. If needed, at the click of a button, encrypted files can be wiped clean from the mobile devices, while maintaining a full copy of company e-mails and files within the Office 365 cloud storage.
  • Employee device migration and hardware upgrades are accomplished with ease by leveraging the ease of connectivity built into the Mobile-first, Cloud-first design of Office 365. Tablet and Smartphone apps for Outlook and Office 365 can be downloaded with ease from a variety of app stores including iTunes, Google Play and Blackberry App Word. Network access and security settings are automatically set up in the background with ease based on each user’s e-mail ID and password.
  • Receive 24x7 phone support from Microsoft for business critical issues to ensure that you and your employees can get back online quickly from the unexpected
    IT support related to enterprise-grade e-mail is a major cost within IT budgets. With Office 365, these costs are essentially eliminated with the secure cloud-hosting by Microsoft. Support and monitoring costs can be further reduced with optional Endeavour365 Active Directory cloud-integration and support contracts for remote user and account administration.

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Office 365 Toronto

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Microsoft Exchange Upgrade Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Edmonton, London Canada

  • Upgrading your Exchange server hardware and licensing is extremely expensive and time consuming.  We recommend an upgrade to Microsoft Exchange Online within Office 365 Enterprise as a highly cost effective alternative.

Other reasons to upgrade to Office 365 Enterprise in addition to your Microsoft Exchange Server Upgrade

  • Older Microsoft Office 2010, Office 2007 or Office 2003 are not supported by your ERM or CRM systems
  • You failed your software licensing audit and want to ensure that every employee has the appropriate licenses and that you can manage licenses in an easy to use Office 365 control panel
  • You want to improve your Microsoft Exchange security settings and Active Directory configuration.  Office 365 security and its cloud-based Active Directory via Microsoft Azure in Canada is a safe and secure alternative.
  • As an alternative to upgrading your server room network drives for file storage (SAN, NAS, etc) move your files to the cloud and sync with your Windows 8 or Windows 10 desktops by upgrading to Microsoft OneDrive for Business, powered by SharePoint online in Office 365.
  • You want to introduce BYOD (bring your own device) and allow employees to use personal devices.  Office 365 will not only keep your e-mails and files secure it also makes it very easy to on-board and provision new employees and new devices including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and home-office PCs / Mac.
  • A number of your users want to migrate to Apple OS X Server, Apple Mac and Apple MacBooks but still use Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office.  Office 365 Enterprise includes licenses for Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac as part of the 5-devices per user including Mac, Windows, iOS and Android native applications.


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  • Endeavour365 will help you to choose the right mix of Microsoft Office 365 packages
  • Our Office 365 trial package can guide you through an efficient and effective evaluation
  • Test advanced features such as OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business
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