2018 Sleep well at night with added protection with Cloud Backup for Office 365

- including cloud-backup for Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online

Microsoft has done a great job with their high availability, redundancy and security for their Global datacenters including their Canadian data centers in Toronto and Quebec City.
However, there are no “traditional” back-up services as part of your Office 365 subscription, yes you are able to recover and restore lost data, but the process is slow and cumbersome. It also does not protect you from the risk of “user error” for example, if you allow a user to delete folders or even accounts, such information may be not be instantly recoverable days or weeks later.

Skykick Canada Backup

As a value add, Endeavour’s leverages a specialized tool set to provide you with “traditional” backups with a full copy of your data that can be restored quickly and with ease.  As part of our offering, we leverage an automated process for the setup and back-up of all your Exchange Online e-mail accounts within Office 365 and your OneDrive for Business/SharePoint Online accounts.  The Endeavour365 cloud back-up setup is quick, easy and can be performed by your team, or with an hour or two of help from an Endeavour consultant.

Read more on the value of Cloud Backups for Microsoft Office below, and at the bottom of this page, you can sign up for a trial or place your order @ $5/user/month.

With the Self-Service Cloud Backup app, customers can literally backup their account in minutes. Cloud Backup protects customers from accidental or malicious data loss – which affects over 50% of customers each year.


More about Endeavour365 Cloud Back-up and Restore of your Microsoft Office 365 accounts and storage

No data caps

Endeavour365 Cloud Backup has no data caps or costly overage charges, unlike other solutions available. For one simple price, we offer unlimited data storage for your customers giving them and you peace of mind.

Unlimited retention

here is no catch! Endeavour365 Cloud Backup offers unlimited retention for all files and emails. Data is retained for any legal or compliance requirements and organizational knowledge is not lost even when an employee leaves the organization.

Reliable and secure

Endeavour365 Cloud Backup tool uses industry leading 256-bit encryption at rest and 128-bit in transit. Your data never leaves the Azure environment, which ensures all the inherent security and compliance capabilities that Azure offers.

6-backups a day

Endeavour365 Cloud Backup takes snapshots at regular intervals throughout the day. This ensures that your end customers can go about accessing Office 365 without any fear of disruption due to data loss.

Toronto Cloud backup for office 365

Canada Price for Cloud Backup of Microsoft Office 365

 $4.99 CAD /user /month for Office 365 Storage Backup - (SharePoint and OneDrive combined with unlimited storage)

 $4.99 CAD /user /month for Office 365 Email & Calendar Backup - (Office 365 Exchange-online for e-mail and calendar)

 Bundle: Office 365 storage backup + e-mail backup together for only $9.49 CAD /user /month

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